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We develop innovative and technological projects. We seek ambitious people who are ready to evolve.
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Creating a good product is always a challenge.
We have a solid foundation of experience and in-depth expertise in various fields. We use this to build our ambitious plans, we experiment, monitor trends and developments, and boldly implement the projects that look promising to us.
Who work on our clients' and our projects
In which we are not simply developers, but investors as well
Outsourcing vs. Outstaffing
Our teams work under two models. What's the difference?
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We study the product and get fully involved in it, build a team, look for unique solutions, provide predictable results. And we evolve together.
The process
Work on each project includes:
We analyze everything in dialogue. We listen to our partners' ideas and offer our own. We analyze the target audience and define the tasks.
We pay special attention to planning and documentation to avoid misunderstandings working with the client. At the start, we define the project plan with detailed technical specifications and obtain the client’s approval.
The next step is to prototype the product to understand the user experience better. After testing the basic hypotheses, we proceed to visualization and design. We always focus on functionality and aesthetics.
At this stage, we develop web services, frontend, backend using Agile Scrum methodology. We work in sprints of 2-3 weeks, and we regularly conduct status meetings with clients at each stage.
We constantly run manual and automated tests. In each sprint we manage and prioritize bugs, adding them to the product backlog so that they are fixed in the next release.
We constantly audit all projects to make sure that everything works as it should. Regular security updates, backups, and server load monitoring help prevent emergencies.
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