Full-time, Kyiv
Middle/ Senior PHP Developer
Who are we and who are we looking for?

New Dealigence is a people-first company. We gather teams to build our own and client projects in e-commerce, digital, IT, and fintech. We focus on people who create effective products together.

We are new challenges and opportunities to learn and perform interesting tasks for those who come to work with us. We do not have a routine but constant movement. Everyone takes their place in the team. Everyone is free to make their own decisions, take risks, and take responsibility for the result.

Our Development Team is looking for a cool Middle/ Senior PHP Developer to join their family!

If you

  • have more than 2 years of commercial experience with PHP, Laravel, and MySQL;
  • are comfortable working on a new technology stack, as well as will be willing to work with CPM systems on a high-load project;
  • are a responsible professional who knows how to write microservices-based projects;

join our team!

Why you will like working with us:
  • Only new technologies, chips and we take decisions on tasks all together;
  • There are already three people on this small team: two PHP developers and one Architect; you will be the fourth;
  • A highly loaded project, you will not get bored;
  • A salary of $4,500.00 per month;
  • We use Scrum with all the artifacts (poker planning, retro, demo, daily rallies);
  • Working hours are from 9 to 18, can be shifted by an hour if you prefer. If necessary, the company gives out a MacBook.
What do we expect from you?
  • We expect that you know how to write projects based on microservices, with a responsible approach to the execution of tasks;
  • As well as have experience working with heavyweight systems, and you have experience with technologies such as Laravel (more than 1 year), PHP (more than 2 years);
  • To be responsible for your work, the ability to admit your mistakes will also be a big plus; honesty and dedication are also valued in our company.
What are you going to do?
  • On the project, your primary focus will be the development of CPM systems with our team;
  • Also, your tasks will be to study the project and the existing documentation on it and get into the development;
  • Drawing up daily rallies and participating in the creation of sprints and retro demos.
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